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Articles On Shania!
Click on the links below from the list to read the full articles available, or use the "Shania Says" feature to discover what Shania has said about her career and music.
Shania in Her Own Words...
Read what Shania has said about herself, her career, her songs and her life in her official interviews. Find out what she thinks and what she looks for in music in her own words to many journalists who have talked with her. Click HERE to discover a bit of Shania's personality every time you click.

List of Articles Available


"Baby Boom " Country Weekly 2001 interview

Country Music (Nov. 2000)

Country Music Magazine (January 2002)

Country Music News (1993)

Country Song Roundup interview

Country Weekly "Trouble In Music City" article

Country Weekly "Shania Twain: I'm Still Country" article

Country Weekly "Psychic CMA Predictions" article

Country Weekly: Shania Centre and Cartoon (Dec. 2000)

Country Weekly: Shania's Pregnancy and Maternity Fashion (June 2001)

Country Weekly: Twain Keeps A-Rollin (Nov. 2001)

Country Weekly - Shania Star Stats (Dec. 2001)

Entertainment Weekly - Shania Claus (Dec. 2000)

French Magazines Articles!

FHM July 1999 Interview

Globe "Cellulite" article

In Touch (2003)

InStyle Magazine article

"It's her Party!" (1995)

Made In Canada

National Enquirer "Blind Granny" article

National Enquirer "Shania's Waiting for the Stork" (April 3, 2001)

Newsday (November 2000)

"Never the Twain Shall You Meet" (1999)

Peter Kane's "Shania Twain: A Life in Country" 

Q Magazine article

Redbook Magazine article

Revlon Endorsement of Shania

Orlando Sentinel article

Parade Article (June 2001)

People Article on Eja Birth (August 2001)

Timmins Press article "Shania Shrine"

Star Magazine article

Radio Interview Summer 1999

Sway Magazine Article (1999)

The Province (Dec. 2000)

Times Magazine "Twain Spotting"

Total Style Magazine March 2000 

USA Weekend (Sep. 29-30, 2001)

US Weekly (Dec. 3, 2001)

Y107 Radio article

Who Weekly Australia (Sep. 4, 2000)

Zellers Magazine (Spring/Summer 2000)

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