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Shania Twain concert in Columbus May 21, 1999. Leahy opened and did their usual great job. They are a remarkable bunch. Shane Minor played on a side stage in the Plaza area and sounded pretty good. Straight to the point: Shania is a very charismatic performer and the crowd by and large enjoyed the show. However, on the way out of Polaris Amphitheater there was some talk about her only performing 1 1/2 hours. $49.50 for 1 1/2, címon. Last year in Columbus she did at least 2 full hours but this time she came out at 9:05 and finished the encore at 10:40. While on stage her and the band were fantastic although I think her voice was a little rough and is showing the wear and tear of being on tour for over a year. It clearly wasnít as punchy as it was last year when she was in town. Maybe this is the reason why sheís cut the set back 1/2 an hour. The revised stage set up with the extended T worked great and many people worked their way down to shake hands, high five or give the now obligatory roses all of which she accommodated as best she could. She had her usual costume changes, pyrotechnics, and aerobics class-like energy from the whole band. She also had the Grove City (OH)High School choir on stage for God Bless The Child and the drummers from the marching band on If Youíre Not In It For Love. A couple of songs notably absent from this show versus others included: Home Ain't Where His Heart is, The Woman In Me, If It Donít Take Two, When, and Youíve Got A Way. This is a show that the whole family can watch as evidenced by the wide demographics of the crowd - one instance had a grandfather taking his 6-7 year old grand daughter down to the stage area to get a high five. Her show seems to have become as much a social event as anything else. A local DJ I know was talking about all the people he knew who were going to the show and didn't know any song by her or just knew You're Still The One. But since Shania is now omnipresent and a media darling, people want to go to see and been seen. Still, I've seen many concerts through the years ranging from The Who, McCartney, Queen, Police, Geils, Billy Joel, Brooks & Dunn etc. and have enjoyed experiencing her shows as much as anyone's. I'd go again. 


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