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September 21, 1999 

In the issue, comments are made about the nominees of the CMAs & predictions for the winners are made by 3 average people (who are labeled as "psychics" in the issue).  Out of ALL 3 "psychics", ONLY 1 of them picks Shania to win ANY award!  The person who picked Shania to win in the Female Vocalist category DIDN'T give her much hope to win Entertainer of the Year! That person's name is Pat Morton! Here are her predictions for the CMA ceremony [which can be found on PAGE 46 of the issue]: 

     "As I meditated on each category, I would visualize a stage.   The winners then walked across the stage in my mind." 

    "For the Entertainer trophy, Garth is the superstar.  When he walks onstage, his whole attitude is 'Ain't we having fun!'  Emotionally, he brings everyone onstage with him.  That's what has made him so successful.  But the strongest sensations I got centered on Shania Twain and Tim McGraw.  Shania has made big time accomplishments this year.  I feel she will continue to soar.  But when I visualize a stage, I see Tim accepting the award." 
     "For Female Vocalist, Trisha Yearwood has the clearest, most authentic voice in this category - but I sense that Shania will win this hands down!   Even though she's sexy, both men and women like her.  Shania changes her performances and music like a chameleon - the mark of a successful artist.  If Shania was a company, I'd buy stock in her in a major way.  What's more, she will definitely be the CMA Entertainer of the Year in the future." 

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