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"I attended the concert in Auburn Hills on May 22nd, and boy am I upset that it is over. I managed to get third row tickets to this event, closer than any of the previous 3 concerts I attended. The show started with the traditional excitement of Leahy. Up close, you can really see how fast those fingers move on the fiddles. Amazing. Roughly 45 minutes later the soothing voice of Shania came over the loud speaker. "Are you ready Detroit?" Duhhh, of course we are ready. Three sheets covered the drums, slide guitar, and keyboards, and you couldn't see anybody underneath them. Shania breaks into "Man, I feel like a woman" without appearing on stage. Where could she be? After the first set of lyrics, a big bang with the sheets flying off of the instruments introduces Shania to the stage from underneath the center sheet. Now I have seen Shania in concert 3 times previous, but never this close. This woman is the most unbelievably georgous woman in the world, hands down. So she gets into her usual show, coming out on the extended T, within feet of myself. Of course I think she is making eye contact with me, so I wave and I get a wave back. After her first song, she brings a 7 year old boy up on stage that was sitting directly behind me. He has for her a Detroit Red Wings jersey with Shania on the back and a #1. She talks with him, takes a picture and signs it. I got to take a look at it and boy was I jealous. So again and again she sings, walks around, signs a ton of autographs (No, I didn't get one, was a row too far back. DOH!) Then, she calls down two girls waving one of those Star Wars sabre's from way up in the upper deck. They made a tape of them singing "Any Man of Mine" and gave it too her, so she made them sing up on stage. And they didn't do too bad of a job, very energetic. During a break between songs, she pointed out one of her roadies who had on a Toronto Maple Leafs shirt on. The crowd didn't like that too much, so they started chanting "Let's Go Red Wings, Let's Go!" Now I am not a Red Wings fan, but it was cool to hear because the whole stadium was doing it, and Shania got a big kick out of it. She did cut out about 5 songs, which was a little disappointing, but the ones she did sing were perfect. I have read other people state that her voice wasn't as good, but I thought it was excellent. Her first outfit was the best, a black tight tank top with two vertical white stripes around her stomach area and leather pants. I was disappointed I didn't bring a camera in, because everybody and their mothers had one even when it said no cameras. And the security guards saw them and didn't take them. I did see some people with backstage passes which really sat well with me. Anyways, the night ended short with "Rock This Country" and without bringing out local talent to sing "What Made You Say That". I can imagine she is getting pretty darn tired, but she had a ton of energy while in Detroit. The good thing about her going off the road is that she will be resting in Florida, roughly 15 minutes away from where I live. And I play golf there all the time!! Maybe I will see her on the links :). All in all, it was a good night, and I am glad I travelled up there, but was disappointed in not getting an autograph. Owell, guess you can't have everything. Take care and thank you Shania, you Rock!!!!" 



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