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Concert Review by Melissa D. Madrid 

Before I saw Shania in concert at the Hollywood Bowl I was a huge fan, but now I am the biggest fan. It was a night I will never forget !! The show started out with Leahy, the Canadian dancing and singing sensations. 
They were great and performed for about 1/2 hour. But we all wanted Shania. After they were done, we waited for Shania and then it all started. People were up on their feet yelling for Shania as the familiar music started to play. Then we heard "Are you ready Los Angelos" and the crowd started screaming as the beautiful and talented Shania Twain stepped on stage. She was wearing black pants and a black tank top with two white stripes along the bottom. Her hair was long and flowing. The bowl had two large screens on each side and so we could see her perfectly. I was not real far away, but not up close. I was so excited and I started to scream along with everyone else. She started singing "Man I Feel Like a Woman" and the crowd went wild. Full of pyros, dancing and excitement, it was an opening worth an award. I never sat down again that night. She went on to sing one of my favorites, "Honey, I'm Home, also full of pyrotechnics. Then she sang a slew of hits including the following: You win my love, Whose bed have your boots been under, You're still the one, Come on Over, Love gets me every time, I'm holding on to love(to save my life), That don't impress me much, dont be stupid (you know i love you), god bless the child, If it don't take two, no one needs to know,any man of mine, from this moment on, If you're not in it for love, I'm outta here, Rock this country, and a medley version of any man of mine.  The show was so full of energy. She took so many people( as I enviously watched) onto stage and took pictures and signed autographs. She changed outfit halfway through the show to a green top and black bottoms with a stripe and a black, see-through, flowing cape . The crowd went wild the entire night. She gave a heart-warming talk about her life as a hungry child and her inspirations for the song "God Bless the Child". A local choir group sang with her and it was so beautiful I would have cried had I not been in such awe of her. She seemed to care about everyone, including her band members. She introduced everyone of them to the audience including hometown girl Allison. Near the end on her "If you're not in it for love" song, she gets on top of a drum and disappears into it, it lights on fire via pyros and then she emerges in the audience, riding on some sort of machine and high-fiving everyone. Then she ends the show with the "Any Man of Mine Medley and Rock This Country" and has pyrotechnics galor. And then at last glance she was gone. 

I could'nt imagine a better show and I personally had the time of my life. Afterwards I was able to get Shania's autograph and talk to her briefly. She was so sweet and amazing and beautiful. I admire her even more now. And she definately puts on one great show!! 

Melissa D. Madrid

Concert Review by Steve G 

I saw Shania at the Hollywood Bowl and man, was I surprised. Maybe she expected an "industry" crowd, being in L.A. (and with all the Nashville heavyweights in town for the CMA awards), but her show that night vas very tight, much more professional than what I have previously seen. If you have seen her Direct TV special you will know what I am talking about. She did not let anyone sing with her (Thank God!) and was not trying so hard to "connect" with the fans (there is no more need for that at this stage of her career). Her image- very cute and sexy. It is hard to believe how good she looks in person- the TV cameras really don't do her justice. Oh yeah; there was also the music. Her live sound has improved dramatically during the course of this tour, particularly her voice. She kept the country influence to a minimum in this show, which did not surprise me. Shania is no longer a just a "country" star- she is heading toward becoming the #1 international pop star of the next decade. I don't care what she does on her next album- I will still be the first in line to buy it! 

Steve G 

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