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Shania Twain-Philadelphia’s First Union Center, Saturday, May 29, 1999 (Click HERE to view photos!)

This was my second time seeing Shania’s show…I think I was more excited this time than last year! My daughter and her boyfriend attended the show with me and after a pretty good tailgating party in the parking lot, we hung out by Shania’s mobile home for awhile hoping to get a glimpse of her or even a picture. No luck. We were fortunate enough to get to listen to the rehearsal and sound check from inside the arena, but the curtain was drawn so you could only listen…not look!

On the advice of my partner, Terry Lee…we had come equipped with Star Wars light sabre toys that lit up in the dark. We waved these throughout the entire show, hoping to get up on stage for a hug and a pic with Shania, but alas, on this night Shania picked someone else with light sabres as well. We were a little disappointed about that, but didn’t let it dampen our enthusiasm.

I was hoping to also get a pic with Shania’s drummer, J.D. Blair. He and I have been corresponding regularly via email, and he is one cool dude. But it was not to be.

I found the concert to much tighter and slicker than last year. By the way, the Philly show marked the one year anniversary of the tour. Shania seemed much more comfortable on the stage and much more spontaneous with the fans. She was warm, real and friendly. She took at least 5 minutes to get her picture taken with some very young twin sisters who were celebrating a birthday. She had her pic taken and autographed it with a few others as well.

The set was very similar to last years set, with the notable exception of just about all of her slow songs, i.e. The Woman In Me, You’ve Got A Way, Home Ain’t Where His Heart Is Anymore, etc. These were not performed. Really, the only slower song of the set was her megahit "You’re Still The One". Oh yeah, and "God Bless The Child" of course. I don’t think anyone sat down for the entire evening. The place was rocking!!!!

Shania has added quite a bit more pyrotechnics to the show this time as well. Near the end of the show, during "If You’re Not In It For Love (I’m Outta Here) and also during "Rock This Country" she used some dazzling effects to light up the place. When Shania disappeared thru the drum as she did last year…this time the drum ignites in flames. Very cool.

Shania "surfed " the audience again, only this time much slower than before. She really took the time to shake and slap as many hands of fans as possible. I took some pics during her surf. If I get some good ones, I’ll post em here. My seats weren’t as close as I’d hoped. And don’t pay any attention to the diagram I posted at bmac’s Shania Twain City of the new catwalk…it is totally inaccurate! According to the diagram, it looked like the catwalk would extend out to at least the middle of the floor….in reality it extended out to about the second row from the stage! Bummer!

Oh well. We still had a wonderful time.

Shania’s voice was strong. I had heard, as have most of you, that the year of touring had taken it’s toll on her voice…but she must have a fantastic Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, because I’ve never heard her sound better! It was a great show and I can’t wait to see her again!




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