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tredbook.jpg (12247 bytes)Excerpts from the Redbook Magazine Interview-Page 1, by David Handelman. We'll post the full article once the magazine is off of the newsstand.

Her rags-to-riches story seems like a fairy tale:  Shania Twain has overcome
countless tragedies and seemingly insurmountable obstacles to reign triumphantly as one of the country's hottest divas. Shania Twain should have been ecstatic.  The Canadian country-pop singing phenomenon was in the middle of her first major tour, which would eventually sell more than a million tickets worldwide; her third album was still dominating the charts two years after its release; and she was about to sign a big modeling deal with Revlon.  But as the 14-month tour went on, she says, "I was really depressed.  I felt so isolated, like I was in this little bubble. You have to give up on the fact that you don't have any freedom or it'll just drive you crazy.  And it did, at first."
Away from her husband and musical collaborator, Robert John "Mutt" Lange, for stretches of three to ten weeks at a time--he was busy working with everyone from Def Leppard to the Backstreet Boys and supervising renovations on their recently acquired "mini-castle" in Switzerland--Twain was feeling very "disconnected," she says.  "You're talking to this person on the phone who's not part of your everyday life.  It's really awkward." But Shania Twain has never been one to succumb to the blues.   After spending most of her childhood poor and hungry, then raising three younger siblings after her parents were killed in a car crash, Twain, 34, willed 
herself to become not just one of the biggest-selling female country artists ever, but a crossover sensation, the first woman ever to have consecutive albums sell more than 10 million copies each in the United States (1995's The Woman In Me and 1997's Come On Over, now at 13 million and still selling). To conquer her on-the-road funk, Twain played celebrity hooky:   She'd leave the arena where she was rehearsing and walk around the streets by herself.  "I didn't tell anybody where I was going, people didn't have tabs on me, no security," she says.  A few times she even found herself forced to enter the concert hall alongside thousands of fans.  "It was exciting," she says.  "I thought, Wow, I'm right with these people, and I'm getting away with it."
And the next time she hits the road--after taping a TV special for CBS that will air on Thanksgiving Day, she's off for an impromptu two-or three-week mini-tour of the United States--she hopes to bring her husband along.  "I feel much more connected with Mutt," she says.  "Your partner is your--not your lifeline, I don't want to be that dramatic--but you base your life with your partner." 

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