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My wife and I went to the first show of the last leg of Shania's tour in Sacramento, CA on May 5, 1999. As many people have said, the show was great !! And yes, as of that night Leahy is still opening for her. Leahy were great too, talk about your talented family, wow !! A lot of fans have written many great reviews on various sites so I won't bore you with all the little details of the entire show... I would like to give one point of advice though... SIT CLOSE ! My wife and I were lucky enough to acquire 4th row center seats. The way the stage was set-up, the 1st row people were almost touching the stage. We were waiting for the big start in total blackness when the neon mike-stand lit up 8 feet in front of out faces; that was pretty exciting.
Sitting close allows the fan to feel more connected with the show and the people up on stage. Shania seems like such a real personal person; throughout the show she was high-fivin', hand-shakin', wavin' and winkin' at just about anybody in the first few rows who was willing to receive it. At least five times, she brought up children (aged 2-13) on the stage with her to sing, dance, talk, take pictures, hug, kiss, or whatever the child wanted to do. 
She's going to make a great mom someday if/when she has kids. SO, I know it may be difficult and/or expensive to get really good seats, but believe me its well worth the effort and money spent. So all of you out there who are still planning on going to an upcoming show, sit as close as possible.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, My wife caught a guitar pick that one of the guitar players of the band threw out at the audience at the end of the concert; it makes for a nice souveneir to go along with the ticket stub.

Bye :)

Travis Bauer

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