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Review by Terry Lee of  "Everything Shania" and the "Shania Twain U.S. Online Fan Club"

San Diego 5-7-99...From This Moment On 

Since this was my second concert, it began the same, with the talented brothers and sisters, Leahy. They were just as good as the first time around, but I knew what to expect this time, so it was just the same. Shania rolled out after Leahy, but she made some noticeable changes in her introduction to the crowd. There were 3 huge pieces of cloth covering the instrument sections. Shania began by asking the crowd if we were ready for her. As usual the crowd responded in an emphatic "YES!" The Country/Rock/Pop Queen then began singing her first song, "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" but you couldn't see her. Everyone around me got tired of her not coming out because they all wanted to see her. Some were yelling obscene languages. She continued singing for another 10-15 seconds and then the 3 huge pieces of cloth flew off and fire just bursted from the stage. Shania came out bursting with energy and was all ready to rock the night away. After the intro song, Shania said, "I hope you're ready to rock because it's cold out here." I couldn't have agreed with her anymore because I was one of the few who wore a t-shirt is 50 degree weather. So then she continued on with her songs and my friend, Jed, and I just kept jamming but we weren't standing up. Jed and I decided to stand up and the people behind us kept on yelling and telling us to sit down. These people weren't fans at all. There three wild women in front of us who kept rockin' with Shania and so we went with their energy. While all this was happening, Jed and I were still swinging a Stars Wars light
sabre to attract Shania's attention (more on this later) :)

She then sang "God Bless The Child", which I think played a dramatic role in getting Jed and I up on stage. While she was singing I felt a chill run up and down my body and I got goose bumps everywhere. I then looked straight up in to the sky (it was an's outside) and I said silently to myself, "Shania's parents must be looking down on her and they must be VERY proud of her." This is without a doubt the event that got us up on stage. I guess you can say Shania's parents, Jerry and Sharon Twain, were smiling down that night in San Diego. After a couple more songs Shania started picking people from the crowd to go up on stage with her. She said, "I'm looking in the back near the lawn where I can see a person with a red shirt and white pants on." At this time my friend and I were going crazy because we were near the back and we were expending all our energy to get her attention. We were swinging the light sabre back and forth like it was our last concert (which it wasn't)...then Jed and I heard the most beautiful thing in the world when Shania said, "I see a long green stick right there" as she pointed dead center where we were sitting. The lights just flashed straight at us as Shania had commanded and the three women in front of us kept pointing at us. The first feeling was total schock and then I wasn't sure if I should've gone up on stage with Jed because Shania only wanted one person. I abruptly asked Jed, "Should I go with you?" and his response was, "yeah, come on!" We started running down to the stage and Jed was carrying the light sabre and taking his dandy time and I had already taken off. I kept looking back to get him to hurry it up. I kept yelling, "Come on Jed!!!!, I can't believe this!" We finally got up to the stage and security wanted only one person up on stage with Shania...MY HEART JUST immediately, I thought "Hey, this stinks", and Jed and I looked at each other like a deer with headlights coming toward us. Since Jed had the sabre he was going to be the one to go up...then I thought, "Heck, Jed, ask Shania if she'll let me up there with you." So Jed said he was going ask Shania (as if security was going to deny Shania's command, hehe) when he got up on stage. I must've told Jed to ask Shania like 10 times in a matter of 2 minutes. 

So Shania began talking and said, "It's really kinda weird that I pick people out of the crowd and I don't even know who they are." She then asked the crowd and security if the two people she had picked had arrived yet. Jed began waving the sabre to get her attention. Security rushed Jed up on stage and he made this huge speech. Shania asked him some typical questions like "What's your name" "Where you from" and "How many concerts have you been to"...Jed answered all of them and continued with this speech that got the crowd going. Jed thanked Star Wars for providing the light sabre toys (the band began playing the tune to the Star Wars movie) for getting us up on stage and then he asked Shania if he could bring up a friend. Shania said, "Sure, let's bring him (me, Terry) up." I went WILD!!! I was so happy and security helped me up on the catwalk (I almost tripped on a chair because I was so elated). She asked me a couple questions and I answered them politely but I guess you could say my mind went blank. I was in such awe that I kept saying to myself, "This is the person you've long admired for such
a long time and now you get to meet her." I must've thought that a million times. There is so much more I should have said to her. I could have told her about my website ( or what happened to me just before she picked Jed and I from the crowd. Well the fact is I didn't....Shania continued on and told us that we were going to have our pictures taken. She asked us if we wanted pictures separate or together, Jed and I both said without a doubt separate. Jed did his thing and hugged and kissed Shania. I got my picture taken with all happened in slow motion...I wrapped my left hand around Shania's shoulder and Shania's band member, Allison Cornell, took our picture with a Polaroid camera. After the picture Shania initiated a hug and I just loved it! I couldn't believe I was hugging the same woman who was on television and all over Country Music Television and the Grammys. I didn't want the hug to ever was that good...but eventually I had to let go and then Shania thanked us for going up on stage with her.

Jed and I got off stage and everyone started starring at took us quite a while to make it back to our seats because everyone wanted to see the pictures. People were cheering for us while others looked on in disgust, but hey, Shania RULES! We finally got back to our seats and lo and behold, our section comprised of dead fans who could've stay home on the couch and watch CMT, were all standing up. Everyone in the section wanted to see the pictures but I think most of them couldn't believe we got up on stage with the Country Queen! Well the concert continued on and Jed and I protected our pictures because to us, they were worth more than life itself. We just went crazy and continued bopping to Shania's awesome music. Shania ended her concert 45 minutes earlier than the first leg of her tour...and she disappears in to a drum and returns out in the crowd on her pedestal. After the on stage thing with Shania, the concert just flew by.

It was definitely the best night of my life. It's amazing to finally meet the person you've long admired, it was truly awesome the way Shania came across. She's just so loving and compassionate about everything. She's exactly the same way in person as she comes across on television. I just compare the on stage event with all the TV interviews and they parallel one another perfectly....Shania, Thank you for your parents who were looking down on Jed and I that night. It was an amazing concert and a night I will NEVER forget. THANK YOU SHANIA! You're the BEST! 

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