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Star Magazine - November 23, 1999 edition
You're looking at the one person who doesn't think Shania looks great

Men are in love with Shania Twain and women want to look like her -- but the 
country stunner insists she's nothing to write home about.
"I can't bear to see my picture in magazines," reveals Shania, 34. "My cheekbones are good and I have a nice smile, but I'm not one of those people who look absolutely gorgeous photographed from any angle."
"I can be beautiful if I have to be, but there's cellulite on my legs -- and they're not very long either."
Although the singing sensation -- whose TV special Come On Over airs Nov. 25 on CBS -- suffers from the same insecurities about her appearance as most other women,   it's clear Shania has nothing to worry about.  Just ask Revlon.
The cosmetics giant recently signed her to a $ 3 million contract to promote their get-glam products in magazine ads and TV commercials.   Revlon thinks she so perfectly fits their image that they're even using her hit song Man! I Feel Like A Woman! as their campaign slogan.
Shania's also wowing concert audiences all over the world with her sexy skin-baring costumes.  So what are her secrets for looking so sensational?
She uses lots of Revlon items these days, but Shania -- who makes no bones about growing up poor in Canada -- says her favorite skin-care product is a no-frills moisturizer used on farm animals.  "It's sort of petroleum jelly that's used on cows' udders to keep them from getting sore when they're milked in the winter," says the woman who recently snared the Country Music Association's Entertainer of the Year award.
"When I've been flying a lot and my skin is really dry, I'll rub it over my face and on my hair and leave it there all day."  To make sure the skin on her face looks extra dewy, Shania starts with a layer of Decleor ylang-ylang oil underneath the moisturizer.
"My makeup routine is simple -- foundation, brown eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and bronzing blusher," she reveals. And she loves playing up her eyebrows, whose curves and arches beauty experts have pronounced perfect.
Shania keeps her 5-foot 3-inch, 110-pound figure in tip-top shape thanks to a vegetarian diet rich in legumes.
"I always have soybeans, black beans, or chickpeas for lunch or dinner.  And I start every day with a fruit and tofu shake," she says.
As for exercise, Shania stays lean and mean by dancing around during her concerts, riding her horses, and doing chores around the stable.  She also enjoys downhill skiing.
Shania says she lives "in loose blue jeans and comfy flat shoes" when she's not working, but she still gets a kick out of putting on the ritz for a performance.
"It's fun to play dress up once in a while," she says. "A designer named Marc Bouwer creates stretch velvet gowns and jumpsuits for me.  They feel like pajamas, but they're very flattering."
She's also a fan of the creations of Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, who designed the tiger-print trousers (about $ 645) and beaded, zebra-print tank top (about $ 480) in these exclusive STAR photos.
"But I'm much more thrilled if I can find something that looks good and doesn't cost much," says the singer who shares lavish homes in Switzerland and Florida with her record-producer husband Mutt Lange.
"If I think something's too expensive I won't buy it."

By Carolyn Callahan

Thanks Carrie! 

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